Monday, September 19, 2016

Review: Princess and the Beast, by Chance Carter

Princess and the Beast is the newest title from Chance Carter's Bad Boys series. This book is about Deacon, a man who grew up on the rough side of Boston. He had a horrific childhood, including being raised in an abusive home. Life was never easy for Deacon (aka Beast) and he learned quickly that he would have to fight to survive. Deacon is fighter and good at it. In this story, he works as a bouncer at a club in Miami.

Savannah was raised in Boston, but unlike Deacon, she was raised in a wealth home. All isn't as it seemed though. While she had never known hunger or having to do without the necessities of life, she was raised in a home lacking love. The behavior of her father made her wary of wealth. She had watched, firsthand, how her own mother slipped away and die after being in a hopeless, loveless marriage.

On the surface, Deacon and Savannah are light years apart. He is a large man sporting tattoos and an appearance that would make the most sensible of men cause to use extreme caution. Savannah is a gentle, shy woman who is still trying to make her own life away from the influence of her father. Yet, when you look closer at them, they are both struggling with their pasts. They each have gone through a form of abuse as a child that has helped to shape them into the person they each have become.

Deacon works at a night club as a bouncer. When he sees Savannah arrive with her friend/room mate, Olivia, Deacon ushers the girls in. He is taken with Savannah, though sees her as a bit of a shy mouse. Savannah surprises both Deacon and herself when she finds the boldness to flirt with Deacon. Their relationship is super-nova hot and they have a wild 24 hours together before all hell breaks loose. Trouble comes when a man at the club, who has sadistic tastes when it comes to how he treats women, takes notice of Savannah and wants to take her as his own. Now, Deacon must fight to save Savannah and her friend, Olivia, from being the next victims of this man's cruelty.

I loved the story as well as the pace that it was told. I never felt that it was taking too long in one area or another. The story was very well written and held my attention from the first page. I hated having to set it down and couldn't wait to pick it back up again when my work was finished.

Intermittently through the story, we also are treated with a side story involving Grady. Grady is a member of the Brotherhood, whom we were introduced to in Chance Carter's earlier titles of this series. The Brotherhood are a group of men who have formed a “family” that is intensely loyal to each other and will use whatever means are necessary to right the wrongs that come at their family. Each of the Brothers are total bad ass. Yet, for how scary they may be to others, they are extremely protective and loving to their women.

Grady get involved with a woman at a bar who is trouble on legs. He makes a mistake getting involved with her, but later, he tries to do all he can to help her overcome her demons. His story is very touching and I cried as I read how his story ends. I hope that there will be another book in the future with Grady getting his “happy ever after.”

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dark Carousel, by Christine Feehan

New York Times bestselling author, Christine Feehan, has done it again. Her newest installment in her highly acclaimed Carpathian series, Dark Carousel, was released in August, 2016.

Dark Carousel is the story of Tariq Asenguard and Charlotte Vintage.  Tariq is an ancient Carpathian immortal who has given up on finding his lifemate, the light to his darkness.  When Charlotte walks into his club, his life is forever changed.

Tariq shares with Charlotte an interest in old carousel horses.  Charlotte restores the horses and uses this to help her as she follows her quest to find the killer of her brother and mentor.

Tariq is unaware of the danger that Charlotte puts herself into as she plans to be the bait to bring out the killer. 

Will Tariq be able to protect and save his lifemate or will fate cause him to lose her after only just finding her?

Dark Carousel is the 30th book in the series.  It brings with it all the action and romance that we have come to expect from this series. 

Dark Carousel has hit the bestsellers list and in August was given the Book Cover of the Month award.