Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dark Carousel, by Christine Feehan

New York Times bestselling author, Christine Feehan, has done it again. Her newest installment in her highly acclaimed Carpathian series, Dark Carousel, was released in August, 2016.

Dark Carousel is the story of Tariq Asenguard and Charlotte Vintage.  Tariq is an ancient Carpathian immortal who has given up on finding his lifemate, the light to his darkness.  When Charlotte walks into his club, his life is forever changed.

Tariq shares with Charlotte an interest in old carousel horses.  Charlotte restores the horses and uses this to help her as she follows her quest to find the killer of her brother and mentor.

Tariq is unaware of the danger that Charlotte puts herself into as she plans to be the bait to bring out the killer. 

Will Tariq be able to protect and save his lifemate or will fate cause him to lose her after only just finding her?

Dark Carousel is the 30th book in the series.  It brings with it all the action and romance that we have come to expect from this series. 

Dark Carousel has hit the bestsellers list and in August was given the Book Cover of the Month award.

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