Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Review: Full Throttle by Julie Ann Walker

When I found this title, my attention was caught right away. It jumped out at me above the other titles I was looking through. I have to admit, that with that title, I had high expectations for the story. I hoped that it would live up to its title. I was not disappointed! The story starts with a bang and takes you on an adrenaline filled adventure from start to finish.

Carlos and Abigail have a history. Carlos and his twin sister, Rosa, met Abigail while they were all at college. Abigail came from a wealthy family. Her father was aspiring to become the next US President. Carlos and Rosa came from a much more humble background. The relationships between the three was a very close one. Early in the story, a devastating event would take place that would change Carlos and Abigail's lives forever.

Carlos gave up his studies to become a surgeon and enlisted in the military. He eventually became an Army Ranger. Now, he is working with a black ops group, Black Knights, Inc. The Black Knights are an elite group of soldiers. They are the personal security force that works for Abigail's father, President Thompson.

Abigail also left behind her studies to become a doctor. She is now working in the field of horticulture. In the story, she travels to Malaysia to attend a horticulture conference. She is escorted there with Secret Service security detail. The President sends along a few of the Black Knights to help ensure his daughter's safety. Among them is Carlos, who she hasn't seen since the tragedy at the college 8 years earlier. The attraction between them is still as strong, if not stronger, than it has ever been.

One night, while still in Malaysia, Abigail is kidnapped in a well planned and executed event. The event is one which has a tragic impact on the security detail. It doesn't take long for Carlos to learn that Abigail has been taken. This is where we begin to see just how deep his feelings for Abigail still are. During her captivity, Abigail holds on to the hope that Carlos will find her.

The story is centered on the rescue of Abigail. Carlos finds her and Abigail is forced to face the past. She blames herself for the event that happened during college and lives with that guilt. The secret that she holds may cost her a future with Carlos. When he learns the truth, will he walk away?

“Full Throttle” delivers in a big way. It is page after page of action. I loved how the story amps up the intensity, lets it lower a bit, then takes you back up into the high intensity again. It is like a ride on an extreme roller coaster.

After reading this story, I am excited to start collecting the earlier books in the series to read. I think I have found another “go to” author which I will greatly enjoy reading. Intermixed with the intense storyline we are treated to an absolutely entertaining wit. Abigail doesn't cuss. She does make up her own form of curse words. The things that she spouts off are absolutely hilarious to read.

This book is such a great read. The title describes the story very well. From start to finish, it takes you on a ride at..... Full Throttle.

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