Saturday, October 18, 2014

Book Review: Home in Harmony by Christa O'Leary

Our family lives a fairly simple life when compared to others.  We love the quiet and peace that living off-grid brings.  When I saw this book, I thought it may bring yet another aspect of serenity in the home to our perspectives.

As I read the book, I loved that the first thing we really begin to learn is just ow habits, both good and bad, affect our daily life.  Many of the things we do are so automatic that we do them without thought.  It is routine to us.  This not only encompasses what we are aware of, but also what only our subconscious is doing.  Ms. O'Leary gives wonderful examples of the way habits are formed and how they affect us on a daily basis.

In subsequent chapters, Ms. O'Leary focuses on other influences, such as our home, mind, and spirit.  She walks you through each area, pointing out the subtle things we may not realize are bringing discord to our spirit and our general well-being.  She talks about the toxins we face that affect our health and gives ideas on how to eliminate them.  Some of the toxic things are tangible, such as chemicals in the products we ue or foods we eat.  Other toxins are the outside influences such as the negativity in people, media, and the various other ways that we allow the outside world's values touch our life.

One minor area that I cringed at in the book was her skirting the line of the "green" issues.  IN some ways, she sounded more like a "green" activist and it took away from the overall feel of the book that I had been having.  

Overall, the book is good and it has value in bringing awareness to the readers of how much we allow the toxins of life into our homes.  She has good advice on how to shed the standards and values that society deems acceptable or necessary and replace them with the values that we truly feel at peace with.

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