Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rocky Mountain Miracle, by Christine Feehan - A Book Review

Rocky Mountain Miracle is a story that tugs at your heart.  It is a story of healing.

Cole Steele is a loner.  He is a man with a past that has haunted him for decades.  Rumors and gossip in the small town near his ranch make the old wounds fester causing him to become even more isolated.  After the death of his estranged father, Cole has returned to his father's ranch to keep it running and be a guardian to his teenage brother, Jase.  Like Cole, Jase is also dealing with a painful torment of memories.  Both were deeply abused and tortured in their past by the very person who should have kept them safe.

Maia Armstrong is the local vet who cares for the animals of the ranches in the area.  When we met her, I was silently cheering her on.  Cole and his brother had gone to a diner and before they even got fully into the diner, they heard the local gossips spouting off.  Maia stood up to the locals and defended Cole.  In her quiet way, she was able to silence the gossips with an ease that had me admiring her.

Cole and Jase ask Maia to help them with a seriously injured horse whom Jase has been bonding to.  They drive through a blizzard to reach the ranch in time to save the poor creature.  Due to the blizzard and needing to be close to tend to the horse, Maia ends up spending an extended time with the two brothers.

During her stay, accidents are happening on the ranch.  In one event, Maia is injured.  We learn through the events that Cole is not who the townspeople believe him to be.  The pain of his past has brought about a lifestyle that has helped him to cope with the nightmares from his youth.

Cole and Maia are drawn to one another.  Her gentle nature is calming to the brothers and she serves as a bridge bringing them closer together.  As with Ms Feehan's other books, this one contains both intrigue and a bit of the paranormal. Someone is working against the brothers, but who?  What do they have to gain?

Overall, the focus of the story is the healing that both brothers experience in the gentle nature of Maia.  Christmas has always had a darkness to it in the brothers' lives.  Through Maia, they are able to learn to shed that darkness and enjoy the beauty and love of the Christmas season.

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