Friday, November 28, 2014

The Navy SEAL's Christmas Bride by Cora Seton - Book Review

The Navy SEAL's Christmas Bride by Cora Seton
This was a book that kept me laughing.  Former Navy SEAL, Dan Hemmins, goes to a friend's home for the Christmas holiday only to meet his match.  Typical of many Navy SEAL stories, he is a very alpha male type character with an ego that is off the charts.  He is competitive by nature and is a bit sexist in his opinions about women.  

Another guest at the holiday celebrations is Army soldier, Sarah Metlin.  Sarah is nearing the end of her time in the Army and is trying to decide whether or not to sign up for another tour or go ahead and get discharged.  She is a very frustrated soldier.  Sarah comes from a military family of males who are condescending over her not being more than a regular soldier.  It frustrates her to no end that because she is a woman, she cannot train to become a SEAL.  

When Dan and Sarah meet, it is instant chemistry.  The snarky comments abound as they diss each other's choice of military branch and service.  Underneath the jokes however is the beginnings of attraction.

Dan is planning to start a training program for civilians who want to experience the training SEALs go through.  Looking for investors and others to help launch the program, Dan completely overlooks the option of inviting Sarah to consider taking part.  Besides, what would a female have to offer such an endeavor, right?  Dan quickly finds out that Sarah can more than keep up with him.

Having his competitive side sparked by Sarah, Dan begins challenging her to a series of exercises.  Each one ends up with bets being made.  Dan learns fast that Sarah is not the dainty little lady he sees, but is a well trained soldier who can hold her own.  

I loved the competitive side to each of the characters.  Dan had to learn to accept that woman can be just as well trained as a man.  Sarah had to learn to accept that she will never be a SEAL, but can offer much just being who she is.....a top notch soldier.

There are ups and downs in their budding relationship.  Each has to work through their own emotional baggage.  The worst being Sarah's feelings of being held back and put down by the men in her life.  She comes to terms with it and finds out that she can command respect without the job title of being a SEAL.  

Throughout the book, there is much humor.  As the bets become more outlandish, the hilarity ensues.  At times, you wonder what a character is thinking when they act or say something totally boneheaded, but then you next cheering them on as they finally get things right.

Overall, the book is one that I thoroughly loved.  It makes for a fun read that has me now looking for more titles by Cora Seton to add to my reading list.

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