Friday, March 27, 2015

Book Review: Until You, by Jeannie Moon

Until You, by Jeannie Moon

Book Summary:

When newly divorced Kate Adams is approached on the sunny deck of a California hotel by hockey star David Burke, and he invites her to dinner, she almost says no. He’s obviously younger than her. And charming. And drop dead gorgeous. But there’s also something sweet about David, so Kate—who hasn’t done anything spontaneous in a very long time—accepts his invitation.
It is, after all, her fortieth birthday.
However, a real romance with thirty-year-old David, whose picture is in the gossip pages as often as it’s in the sports pages, is out of the question. No matter how much she wants him, it’s just too risky.
But meeting Kate has been David’s lightning strike. She’s the one for him, and he has no intention of giving up on her.
So while Kate guards her fragile heart, David sets out to win her over with the same determination that drives him on the ice.
And he’ll break every rule in the book if he has to.

My Thoughts:
This story was pure entertainment to read.  I felt for Kate as she struggled with a divorce after 20 years of marriage.  It wasn't an easy divorce and she definitely has some baggage to work through. She meets David while on a conference trip and the chemistry between them is quick to ignite.  
Without giving too much of the story away, I wanted to mention a few things that stood out.  First, the story has several things going on at the same time.  Kate's ex is an abusive jerk that thrives on tormenting her.  Kate's teenage daughter, Laura, plays heavily in that situation.  Second, Laura has her own personal issues to work through when she has her first significant crush.  Third, we have David, who has a reputation of being a player with women, having to face the consequences of his past behavior, and lastly, Kate has to face her insecurities caused by her past marriage & divorce as well as the age difference between her and David.
I absolutely got a snarky pleasure from some of the interactions between Kate and her ex.  My heart broke for her at first, but as she gained her inner strength, I cheered her on.  I loved the protective side of David and his devotion towards Kate when a tragedy happened.  His supportive and true caring towards Laura was also heart-melting. 
This was a great read and I literally could not put it down.  The story gripped my attention and I loved every moment of it.  I am hoping that there will be future stories about some of the other characters in the book.  Especially one somewhere down the road with Laura and her first love.   The way they are written, it would be easy for that story to be revisited later on.  

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