Monday, March 23, 2015

Falling for Jillian, by Kristen Proby - A Book Review

This title is book #3 in the Love Under the Big Sky series.  I haven't read the first two titles, so was thrilled that this book is a stand alone.  

The story is about Jillian Sullivan has returned to Cunningham Falls, Montana, after a bad divorce.  She is dealing with a personal humiliation stemming from her ex-husband's cheating during the marriage, along with other issues from the marriage.

Jillian faces another heartbreak in Cunningham Falls.  Her best friend is related to a man whom Jillian had a one night stand with, Zack King.  Zack, an Army veteran, is a divorced, single Dad with a preteen age son, Seth.  Zack and Seth are working through some issues of their own past when we meet them in the story.  Seeing Zack again has brought to the surface feelings which she has tried to keep hidden ever since their night together.  

The chemistry between Jillian and Zack leaps off the pages from the word go.  The interplay and verbal sparring in the beginning has you alternately cheering for them and wanting to knock their heads together.  I loved watching the progression as they face their own history and deal with the miscommunications that lead to their parting after their one night stand.

Once they are able to sort through their feelings and deal with their past, you see them helping each other to face their own private demons.  I loved how they also brought Seth into the picture by making him such an integral part of their relationship.  They made sure that Seth was okay about their relationship before letting it go too far.

I loved the "real" factor of this book.  I was able to connect to the characters and looked forward to reading more.  It was a hard book to put down, in spite of daily tasks that I needed to be doing.  After reading this, I sought out the previous two titles in the series.  As always, it is a complete joy to find a new series to read.  Especially when the series hits you right in the "feels" and makes a connection with you.

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