Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Undefeated, by Melissa Cutler - A Book Review

Undefeated, by Melissa Cutler, is a fun read.  I am new to this series.  While this is not the first book in the series, I was happy to find that it can stand alone.  The story takes place in a town called, Destiny Falls, New York.

The couple in Undefeated are a quirky couple when you look at them at face value.  Liam McAllister is a former Army combat medic with issues.  He now runs a gym where MMA fighters train.  A former fighter himself, Liam has been sidelined from fighting due to the risk of death if he takes another blow to the head in a fight.  Yeah, even being on the top of the ranks, the constant blows to the head during previous matches have left their mark on him.

Enter into this equation a yoga instructor named Marlena Brodie.  These two are a strange combination.  When I first read the intro about these two, I thought that this would either be a strange combination or it would work well.  In this case, it worked really well indeed!  Marlena is a woman escaping a bad relationship.  She meets Liam by chance and their meeting is connected to the final straw in her relationship with another man.

The story starts out with Marlena recovering from a brutal attack. Liam has taken her in to help her recover.  Their relationship starts out as friends but quickly becomes more.  As the story progresses, they really steam up the story with the intimate side of their relationship.  (Can we say graphic here?)

The storyline really takes a turn when someone from Marlena's past comes back and threatens her future with Liam.  She is faced with a choice.  She can either continue with Liam and risk his life or turn away from him forever.  Her decision marks a tense moment in the story and has devastating consequences.

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