Thursday, April 28, 2016

Chance Carter's Bad Boys series - Review

It is funny where you learn about new-to-you authors. Recently, I had a sponsored ad on Facebook show up on my timeline for an author named, Chance Carter. My first thought was, “A man writing romance?” Okay, I was curious. I love reading romance novels with a HEA style ending. Going to Chance's page, I read that he writes Bad Boy stories that are stand alone and always have the HEA ending. I looked at the covers and saw pictures of ripped guys with tattoos. Definitely, they looked like the bad boys the story description promised.

The next thought that intrigued me was the idea of reading a romance story that was written from a man's perspective. Let's face it, men have a completely different way of seeing relationships. I knew that reading these books would be a fresh point of view. I wasn't disappointed. I absolutely loved the books.

I will say here though, if you are not one who can handle a more rough and raw dialog, then be warned. The bad boys in these stories are more liberal with dropping the F-bomb that any military operation. Likewise, there is a deeper rawness to the sex scenes. They play out like a man's fantasy. It isn't the most graphic that I have read, compared to some erotica stories that I have read in the past, but it is much more graphic than a sweet romance book.

The story lines in the books are solid. Don't let the self-published status of the books fool you. Chance Carter writes like a seasoned published author and his books deliver. The four books he has available are each a stand alone. They are also a part of a series. I love the way one book seamlessly flows into the series, yet you could read them out of order without feeling lost.

Once I started reading the books, I ended up reading all four books in just two days. They are quite literally books that were hard to put down.

The reading order of the Bad Boys series:

Faith is a woman on the run.  With her live in danger, she turns to the only man who is capable of helping her.  Jackson has the skills that Faith needs to ensure her safety, but it comes at a price.  Jackson will protect Faith - if she has his baby.

Grant has always had a thing for Lacey.  The chemistry between them in undeniable.  But deny it, they try.  Faith is on the hunt for a husband, a man willing to be strong enough to claim her heart and soul.  Will Grant stand by and watch as Lacey plans a wedding with another man?  Or will he finally make a claim that he has wanted for nearly 2 decades?

Forrester is a emotionally wounded man trying to overcome his past.  A broken soul, he finds himself reaching out to Elle, a cute waitress at the small town diner.  Elle and Forrester feel the sparks between them fly as they tentatively get to know each other.  Elle has some painful secrets of her own to content with. When demons from their pasts come back to haunt them, will they have the strength and courage to stand and fight? 

Hunter is a man with a price on his head.  He is the ultimate bad boy and doesn't give a crap what others think.  Secure in his strength and fighting skills, he only knows how to do one thing,,,,,win.  Kelly is a young woman with a heavy responsibility.  Being guardian of her little brother since the death of their parents, she struggles to cope with the daily challenges.  When some wanna-be players decide to make Kelly the focus of their torment, Hunter steps in to rescue her.  The chemistry flies between these two.  Hunter knows that being with him could spell danger for Kelly and her brother.  Can they take a chance for happiness?  Or will the reappearance of Hunter's dangerous past destroy everything that Hunter holds dear?

Sunday, April 3, 2016

What's on Your "To Be Read" Shelf?

It seems that my favorite authors all have the same release schedule.  They come out in batches.  It is exciting when several authors release a book about the same time.  It also can bring up a case of "which do I read first?"

I haven't been reading Christine Feehan's Dark series recently and she has another one coming out soon.  I love to re-read a couple of the books in a series that lead up to the new one being released.  It gives me a continuity, reminding me of where the series is going.  When you read the number of books that I do, this is very helpful for me to keep a series fresh in my mind so that things mesh together more easily.

I am currently re-reading Dark Storm.  It is funny that no matter how many times I have read the book, I find new things that I didn't catch the first time.  I am also re-reading the Black Knight series by Julie Ann Walker, in preparation of her newest book that she is finishing right now.

I think this story by Julie Ann is one of my most awaited for.  The main character is one that I have enjoyed in the earlier books of the series.  I have been looking forward to his story being told.

What books are you reading?  What is in your "to be read" stack?  

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spider Game by Christine Feehan

I hadn't realized how long it has been since my last post.  My Kindle died on me and I still haven't been able to repair it.  So, back to the low-tech methods.  I purchased a book that I have been waiting for.  Hopefully, you will enjoy it as well.

Spider Game is the newest title in the Ghostwalker series by Christine Feehan.  The main couple, Trap Dawkins and Cayenne, were introduced in the previous story, Viper Game.

Trap is a member of Wyatt Fontenot's Ghostwalker team.  Now living in the Bayou to help protect Wyatt's family, Trap also finds another reason to stay.  At the time when he aided in the rescue of Wyatt's daughters from the man who held them captive, Trap met Cayenne.

Cayenne was another captive held in the same building as the Fontenot girls.  Cayenne is set to be terminated.  Much feared by those who created her, she is powerful and a danger to all.  She has learned to not trust in anyone.  Trap helps her to escape and she repays the favor by helping in the protecting of the girls.

Trap and Cayenne have a chemistry from the very beginning.  Trap understands the attraction.  Not only is Cayenne beautiful and alluring, he realizes quickly that they have been genetically paired to be mates.  Now, the challenge is to get past Cayenne's distrust and fear.

Cayenne has been genetically altered, now carrying the DNA of a black widow spider.  Her venom can kill in moments.  Can Trap and Cayenne join as a couple and have a life together?  Or will her black widow's bite be a risk too great for their love to take?