Sunday, April 3, 2016

What's on Your "To Be Read" Shelf?

It seems that my favorite authors all have the same release schedule.  They come out in batches.  It is exciting when several authors release a book about the same time.  It also can bring up a case of "which do I read first?"

I haven't been reading Christine Feehan's Dark series recently and she has another one coming out soon.  I love to re-read a couple of the books in a series that lead up to the new one being released.  It gives me a continuity, reminding me of where the series is going.  When you read the number of books that I do, this is very helpful for me to keep a series fresh in my mind so that things mesh together more easily.

I am currently re-reading Dark Storm.  It is funny that no matter how many times I have read the book, I find new things that I didn't catch the first time.  I am also re-reading the Black Knight series by Julie Ann Walker, in preparation of her newest book that she is finishing right now.

I think this story by Julie Ann is one of my most awaited for.  The main character is one that I have enjoyed in the earlier books of the series.  I have been looking forward to his story being told.

What books are you reading?  What is in your "to be read" stack?  

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