Thursday, May 14, 2015

Book Review: The Last True Vampire, by Kate Baxter

The Last True Vampire, Kate Baxter
Release Date: June 2, 2015

In some ways, I am conflicted as I write this review. Did I enjoy the book? Yes. I can honestly say that I did. This is also where the conflicted feelings come in. Almost immediately, actually within the first chapter, there was something familiar in the story. Soon, I realized what was bothering me. The basics of the story is extremely similar to the Dark Prince book written by Christine Feehan. The more I read The Last True Vampire, the more similarities I was finding. Let me explain in the following breakdown.

The Last True Vampire by Kate Baxter
The vampires in this story are born but are considered “dhampir” until they are transformed by a true vampire. At the time of transformation, the vampire loses their soul. They must find their mate, who carries their soul, to have their soul restored to them.

Vampire leader/king is named Mikhail
His mate is a human female, Claire
Fear that if he transforms her into a vampire that she will become deranged and die/be killed
Upon meeting Claire, his soul is restored
Blood bond is necessary between Mikhail and Claire to strengthen the bond between them for her safety
Mikhail's right hand is named Ronan
Nemesis of the story is a secret society bent on the total genocide of the vampire society
Key Nemesis is named “Gregor the Black”
Claire is nearly killed by a secret society member who uses a knife to assault her
Mikhail is forced to risk transforming Claire into a vampire to save her life

Dark Prince (Dark Series) by Christine Feehan   Released Date Aug. 1,  1999
Carpathians are immortals, similar to vampires but are not evil nor kill their prey. Once a Carpathian male kills his prey, he loses his soul and becomes vampire. A Carpathian male, as he becomes an adult, loses his ability to feel emotion and see colors. He must find his lifemate, she is the light to his darkness, to become whole again.

Prince/Leader of the Carpathians is named Mikhail
His mate is a human female, Raven
There is fear that converting her to become Carpathian will cause her to be deranged and have to be killed
Upon meeting Raven, Mikhail's emotions/soul is restored
Blood bond is needed to help keep Raven safe
Mikhail's father's, Prince Vlad's, second in command was named Roman
Nemesis of the Carpathian series is a secret society bent on complete genocide of the Carpathian race
Mikhail's second in command is named Gregory, also known as the Dark One
Raven nearly dies after being attacked with a knife by a secret society member
Mikhail is forced to risk converting Raven into a Carpathian to save her life.

As I read the story, The Last True Vampire, I simply could not separate it from Christine Feehan's book. Though the specifics or details of the story were different, the theme and flow of the book was eerily familiar. So much so that when I talked about The Last True Vampire to my husband, he thought I was talking about Ms. Feehan's book. Which leads to my conflicted feelings. Did I like this book on it's own merits? Or did I like it because it resonated so strongly with the Dark (Carpathian) series which I have been a fan of since its beginning? I honestly cannot say. What I do know is that I truly wish that the book was more original in it's content. It would make reviewing a lot easier. Bottom line is that the book is good, but I wish it had something that set it apart from another author's work. 

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